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  The Bobcat is newly redesigned for more versatile flame characteristics. The Bobcat is a standard surface mix torch with 7 jets.  The Bobcat is capable of flame sizes from a 2" long pinpoint flame for detail work and finite heating to a 9/16" diameter, 13" long flame for 1.5" solid borosilicate glasswork .  The Bobcat can work up to 3" borosilicate pendant. It is great for making beads, marbles and sculptures in soft or hard glass.  

The flame characteristics of the Bobcat make it a very efficient, clean burning torch that makes the most difficult colors and effects easy to work and control.  The penetrating heat of the flame make borosilicate beads and pendants easy without any change to the torch setup.

The Bobcat runs very well on 5 LPM 5 PSI concentrators with optimal performance on a 8 LPM concentrator.  Fuel pressures can be run as low as 1/4 PSI on Natural gas or Propane.  The Bobcat makes the most heat out of the available fuel and oxygen for an extremely clean flame with no carbon on the torch when run properly. The Bobcat is not limited to small concentrator use, it does extremely well on 10 LPM concentrators as well as using tanked oxygen.  This means that it maximizes the output of smaller oxygen concentrators and is very efficient on tanked oxygen too!

The Bobcat comes standard with barb fittings and in-line filter screens to easily slide on 1/4” ID grade “T” hoses and clamp securely.  The stainless steel base has 4 holes for securing the torch to the work table, and can be used as a forming and shaping tool for hot glass pieces.  Also included are complete instructions and cleaning wires.


The Bobcat is now available with a custom colored manifold and valves, please check out the custom colors page.   Also available are custom marvers in a standard or "L" marver version, and hose assemblies.  The "L" marver piece is also available separately to upgrade an existing GTT marver.