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These quick connect fittings are for use with standard "B" fitting connections.

Quick connects are used for quick torch changes, disconnecting fuel and oxygen source hoses, or making a portable torch setup.

Each quick connect is color coded (red for fuel and green for oxygen), and is equipped with reverse flow check valves to prevent accidental gas mixing.

Instructions are included with each set.

Each set contains 4 pieces: a male and female fuel connection and a male and female oxygen connection.

Additional fuel or oxygen  "B" fittings may be required to complete the desired connection.

Quick connects are available in HOSE TO HOSE, REGULATOR STYLE or TORCH STYLE.  Quick connects are directional meaning that the flow only goes one way.  Please specify the type of quick connects needed when ordering.

HOSE TO HOSE style quick connects have male threads on both ends and need to be installed the correct direction to operate correctly.  

REGULATOR STYLE quick connects have a male thread on one end and a female thread on the other.  These quick connects connect to the regulator and the hose screws to the male side.

TORCH STYLE quick connects have a male thread on one end and a female thread on the torch end.  TORCH style quick connects are designed for flame cutting torches and have limited use with glass working torches.